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Give customers the confidence to trust you with their insurance needs


The Gilchrist Standard has been designed to provide a comprehensive and independent indication of the quality of an insurance broker. This allows you to demonstrate your professional standards in an instant. 


Why sign-up?

Delivered online. Designed to be quick and concise.

Gilchrist Standard Benefits

Rate your professional standards

You know that you are a good insurance broker. Gilchrist Standard rates you across 18 core metrics of a professional firm.

Compare yourself to other brokers

Compare yourself to other insurance brokers

Your report will show you how you compare against other firms as well as an industry ideal. 

Receive a clear action plan

Receive a clear report and independent rating

Your report is concise, easy to understand and identifies your areas of risk. It will display a score and either an A, B, or C rating.

Sustainable Business Development

Fine tune the areas that need the most focus

By focusing on improving the areas identified in the report, you will begin to raise your professional standards over time. 

What to expect

The full self-assessment consists of 18 sections that cover the key areas that measure professional standards. Completed online, the questions are binary with most needing a yes or no answer. It can take as little as an hour to complete for most firms, depending on the complexity and size of your business.

The sections include: Firm Structure, Finance, Client Money, Business Controls, Corporate Governance, TCF, Supervision, Training & Competence, Complaints, Sales, Marketing, Crime & Fraud Prevention, Data Protection, Human Resources, Professional Indemnity, and Emerging Risks.

Your Report

Once you have completed your self-assessment, the Gilchrist Standard will instantly generate a score and rating based on your answers. Our team will then produce a concise report which is then sent to you with your results.

Your report will compare you to the other firms rated to date and include details of the areas in which you can make improvements. It includes a useful list of the documentation and processes that you have indicated exist and a list of those that you are missing. 

Finally, your report will include a list of recommendations and notable areas of risk that you should consider in order to raise professional standards and improve conduct risk.

A Stamp of Quality

The Gilchrist Standard rates insurance brokers against a consistent, objective and fair set of standards. It is an effective solution that will help your business understand how to mitigate risks, whatever your size. A Gilchrist Standard rating is a sign that your firm understands the importance of raising professional standards and that the senior management is committed to making improvements to conduct risk. 

Your rating is an indication of quality that can be shared with your customers and trading partners. 

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