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Gilchrist Standard is an independent data-driven professional standards rating platform for insurance brokers that delivers fast results in a measurable way. We firmly believe that raising professional standards is critical to the future of the insurance broking sector.

Our ratings model is unique and has been designed by professional standards and conduct risk specialists to help us identify and score over 250 of the key facets that define what a good broker looks like. 

Gilchrist Standard is not a consultancy. Our algorithm takes your responses and rates you across 18 core areas with an aim to provide you with a snapshot of your professional standards benchmarked against your peers at the time of the assessment.

If you do not have an independent review of your compliance and conduct risk, then you run the risk of investigation and censure from the regulator and increasing the amount of potential harm to your customers. 

We want to be part of the solution to raise professional standards year on year across the insurance broking sector.

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