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The Power of Professionalism

Chartered Insurance Brokers can stand out from the competition in the eyes of customers by emphasising their commitment to professionalism and raising standards.

The Chartered Business Excellence Review gives you a greater understanding of your governance and professional standards priorities through a concise report and comparative rating, along with guidance on where improvements can be made.

The independent rating can be shared with customers, partners and other stakeholders as further evidence of the value of using a Chartered Insurance Broker.

The Chartered Business Excellence review is fully funded by the Chartered Insurance Institute for all Chartered Insurance Brokers.

Mitigate Risk. Raise Standards


You will complete an online self-assessment and receive a report that highlights where gaps exist, along with a Gilchrist Standard A, B or C rating that tells you how you compare with the rest of the sector.

The report will highlight the areas where you should focus your attention and will make recommendations that you can consider to help improve your professional standards.

The Benefits to Chartered Insurance Brokers

The Chartered Business Excellence Review is an annual process, and the improvements you make each year as a Chartered Insurance Broker will continue to raise the bar and deliver confidence in the power of professionalism and the value of Chartered status.

Chartered Insurance Brokers that undertake this review will:

Your rating is scored by Gilchrist Standard, so it is an independent affirmation of your firm's level of business excellence.

Your report will highlight the areas where improvements can be made. By implementing these recommendations, you will be continuing to raise the bar within the profession.

As well as professional standards, the review will highlight how you perform in other areas such as compliance, data security, human resources, sales and marketing.

The Current Question Set Titles

What Is Involved?

1. After you have registered below, you will be contacted by a Gilchrist Standard account manager who set up your account and issue you with a log-in to your self-assessment area.

2. The full self-assessment consists of 18 sections and the questions typically require yes or no answers. It can take as little as an hour to complete but this time can vary by size/complexity of firm.

3. Once complete, you submit your self-assessment, which is then downloaded and analysed offline by the Gilchrist Standard team.

4. Within a few days, you will receive your Chartered Business Excellence Review report, along with a Gilchrist Standard rating.

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Your report and your responses remain confidential between you and the Gilchrist Standard. The Chartered Insurance Institute only receives aggregated anonymised data covering the Chartered Broker community as a whole.

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