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Funding Options

Gilchrist Standard provides industry stakeholders and insurers with a means to identify higher-quality organisations by way of a rating.
For brokers who are keen to be included within the Gilchrist Standard search engine prior to completing the self-assessment process, simply complete the pre-self-assessment questionnaire (see below for details).

The outcomes of this process will be placed before a panel of stakeholders via the search engine. This process is anonymous; Gilchrist Standard will not pass on the name of the broker during this stage and will only pass it on to the stakeholder with express permission from the broker, following a funding decision and completion of the full self-assessment process.

In certain circumstances, stakeholders may be willing to fund all, or part of, the cost of the rating process, if the broker meets their initial criteria.

Please note, funding options are limited. If an application for support is unsuccessful, the organisation is strongly encouraged to self-fund the process. Once a rating has been achieved, the organisation's details are added to the stakeholder database for further consideration and potential funding in subsequent years.

Pre-Self-Assessment Questionnaire

If your organisation would like to be included within the Gilchrist Standard stakeholder search database, for free, simply sign up and complete our pre-self-assessment questionnaire.

Any stakeholder search, which matches the responses you provide, will return the anonymised headline details of your organisation.
While the free service will not provide any indication of quality, your organisation will be visible to stakeholders, which may potentially lead to commercial interest, funding for the self-assessment process and enquiries.

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