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Make Marginal Gains

To improve as an insurance brokerage, it’s important to look at the marginal gains

Nobody starts the perfect company. It takes time to grow and as you grow you will develop more resources, cash reserves and the skills and knowledge to put in place the necessary framework that will first protect your business, and then help you to grow and become more sustainable.

Customer opening business

You know that you run a good insurance brokerage.

If you didn’t, then you wouldn’t have any customers left. Find out how Gilchrist Standard can give you more confidence in your levels of professional standards.

Benchmark Against Other Brokers

Benchmark yourself against other brokers

How good is your insurance broking firm, really? How does it compare to other brokers throughout the UK?


What's Next?

"If You Always Do What You've Always Done,...

You'll Always Get What You've Always Got." How does a firm honestly know if their compliance provision is up to par and covering the full range of issues that should be addressed?

Stretching Man - Reading too long

Why concise reports are vitally important

While focussing on pertinent content takes time, it is time well spent. Every professional person is bombarded with information each day, some of which goes unread and unanswered due in no small part to a lack of time.

Operational Resilience

Operational Resilience - Be Prepared

The Scout motto, “Be Prepared,” stands as a reminder for followers of the Scouting movement, but may also serve to help guide firms through contemporary challenges.

Snapshot Camera

Why would a firm need a ‘performance snapshot’?

After ticking all of the mandatory boxes to be in business, why would a firm then need to get a performance snapshot report by completing a Gilchrist Standard assessment? Here are four key benefits that an annual Gilchrist Standard assessment offers.

Get a performance snapshot for your firm, when you need it most

Every firm is feeling the pressure. The future for many businesses has moved from being broadly controllable to being broadly uncertain.

Operational Resilience in Challenging Times

Operational resilience is always going to be tested when faced with unprecedented challenge, which is why the Gilchrist Standard team has extracted a few key data insights from brokers that have undergone the assessment process, which highlight the measures firms should have in place.