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Get a performance snapshot for your firm, when you need it most

Every firm is feeling the pressure. The future for many businesses has moved from being broadly controllable to being broadly uncertain.

And so, in times of uncertainty, it is up to each firm to focus on the elements that can be controlled, those that can be measured and those that can give stability in an uncertain world.

Determining what can be acted upon is something that Gilchrist Standard has been designed to do. Our assessment process enables firms to quickly measure their professional practices and conduct standards. The report captures a ‘performance snapshot’ for the firm, which provides a clear roadmap towards improvements and the mitigation of risks.

It is typically the unknown and unforeseen procedural or regulatory issues that cause disruption for firms. By completing a Gilchrist Standard assessment, you will have a better understanding of your business, be able to check that everything is running smoothly during this period of remote working and uncertainty and be able to act upon any pressing issues.

And there is an added benefit, too. The time you invest in measuring your firm’s professional practices can be recorded as CPD, providing you learn from the process, which you are almost certain to do!

Your firm is encouraged to allocate the circa 60 minutes it takes to complete the assessment process and obtain your performance snapshot report. You can complete the process online by yourself, or remotely with the support of one of our auditors. Following completion of the assessment process you will receive your report and be able to get ahead of any professional practice issues your firm may face.