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Benchmark yourself against other brokers

How good is your insurance broking firm, really? How does it compare to other brokers throughout the UK?

These are questions which will stir the curiosity of most broker principals, many of whom are striving to meet regulatory requirements, streamline operations and attract the attention of insurers all whilst trying to grow their business.

Gilchrist Standard enables brokers to rate themselves across eighteen business critical factors via an online assessment process. Your responses are analysed against a proprietary algorithm and a rating is issued to your firm.

Following the rating process, you can log into your Gilchrist Standard account and receive an action plan detailing the key areas of improvement you should consider if you wish to mitigate risks and improve their rating.

You can also access the ‘Section Scores’ area of your account, which provides a graphical representation of the firm’s score relative to its peers and competitors. The Section Score allows you to better understand your performance and identify areas of potential improvement.

So, if you would like to benchmark yourself against your peers and competitors, then undertake the Gilchrist Standard rating process today. The assessment takes around an hour to complete and may well help your firm identify areas of improvement which both drive commercial growth and mitigate potential disruption.

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