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You know that you run a good insurance brokerage.

If you didn’t, then you wouldn’t have any customers left.

Insurance broking is a relationship business based on trust, experience, competence and knowing how to advise and look after your customers and their risk management needs. However, the insurance market is going through a significant period of change. You face an unprecedented amount of challenge from the regulators, consolidation, a hardening market, the pandemic, your peoples’ needs, and the way in which your customers want to buy insurance.

So, how do you do give yourself the confidence to know that you are doing the right thing and not getting left behind?

A traditional compliance health check can take a long time and can be an expensive process, with a long report to read and get your head around. It’s not a simple exercise.

This is one of the reasons that we created the Gilchrist Standard. It’s an independent conduct risk and professional standards rating tool that rates insurance brokers against other brokers in a way that is proportionate to the size of the firm.

The self-assessment is completed online and can take less than an hour. The questions are simple to answer and cover a wide cross-section of professional standards, not just compliance and regulation.

You will receive a valuable report and rating that is concise and that includes recommendations to help you make the right improvements in the right areas.

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