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The low cost assessment designed for insurance brokers

Gilchrist Standard is a digital solution designed to give you a broad holistic focus on your regulatory compliance as well as the other key areas such as professional standards, conduct risk, culture and good practice. It is similar to a compliance health check except that it is programmatic and gathers information to form an opinion of your firm's quality when compared to other insurance brokers. This means that as well as being low cost, the whole process is quick and easy to complete without consultant support in as little as an hour. 

For those firms who would still like to complete the Gilchrist Standard with one of our auditors then this option is now also available.




Once enrolled, you will be provided with a unique login and will be able to complete the Gilchrist Standard online in your own time. 

Each of the 18 sections can be saved as you complete assessment, which means that you do not have to complete the Gilchrist Standard in one sitting. The questions are typically binary in nature so that the process can take as little as an hour. 

When you have finished the whole self-assessment, you will be sent a Gilchrist Standard rating and report.

Self Assessment £495 + VAT

Auditor Supported Assessment

You now have the option to book a session with a remote Gilchrist Standard auditor.

The auditor will complete the assessment with you and explain the questions and how they may apply to your firm in more detail. The whole Gilchrist Standard assessment will be completed during the session and you can include multiple people on the call.

When you have finished your auditor supported assessment, you will be sent a Gilchrist Standard report and rating.