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The insurance market is going through a significant period of change at the moment. We face an unprecedented amount of challenge from the regulators, a hardening market, the pandemic and the way in which our customers want to buy and make claims on their insurance.

You run a good insurance brokerage. If you didn't then you wouldn't have any customers left. The problem is that it is difficult to evidence this to your customers and give them the confidence in the service that you know you provide.

A traditional compliance healthcheck can take a long time and can be an expensive process with a long report to read and get your head around. It's not an ideal solution for all insurance brokers and is not conducive to giving your customers the confidence about the culture and professional standards of your firm.

This is why we created Gilchrist Standard. It's an independent conduct risk and professional standards rating tool that rates insurance brokers against their peers in a way that is proportionate to the size of your firm. 

The self-assessment is completed online and can take as little as an hour. Our digital platform will then calculate a score and rate you against the rest of the market using a clever algorithm. You will receive a concise report that measures you against 18 core areas and you will benefit from comments on the areas where you can make improvements to raise professional standards year on year.



- Less risk for the distribution chain

- Less chance of customer harm

- More sustainable with longer term ambitions

- Diverse and representative of its customer base

- Good staff that are happy, well trained and rewarded correctly

- Good business and governance controls

- Less chance of FCA censure

- Wants to grow and develop trusted partnerships

- A positive culture with commitment to increasing professional standards

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